• Quilts of the Mid-Atlantic, The National Museum of Quilting, Paducah, KY 2009
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  • Embroiderer’s Guild of America: Margaret Parshall Gallery
  • 2007 Kansas Art Quilters’: Covers Blown - Sabatini Gallery, Topeka , KS 2007
  • Sacred Threads 2007
  • Expressions: The Art Quilt - traveling exhibition sponsored by The Ricky Tims Gallery, CO
    Traveling: 2006 – 2008
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Studio Art Quilter’s Association


BA, College of St. Catherine , St. Paul , MN - Art
MA, Chestnut Hill College , Chestnut Hill , PA Spirituality


Pat, who is originally from Minnesota and has lived in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey,
and now lives and maintains her studio in central Pennsylvania.


Pat's work is for sale unless otherwise noted. She has many smaller pieces available
that are not included on the site. You may contact Pat for more information. 

Mixed media and fiber art must be cared for in the same manner as most other fine art pieces. They are particularly susceptible to sunlight and must be protected from direct UV lighting of any kind to avoid fading and the potential deterioration of materials. Strong lighting of any kind should be kept a minimum of 6’ from fiber art.

Mixed media art can be framed under glass, with a spacer between the art and the glass. Fiber art can also be framed under glass, but most collectors and viewers prefer to see (and perhaps touch!) these tactile art forms so as to personally connect with the images. While touching is discouraged due to harmful skin oils, fiber art can surely be exhibited without framing.

Keep in mind that fiber art, just as with all other works of art, must be kept away from direct light, moisture, heat, cooking/smoking fumes, and other airborne pollutants for preservation purposes.

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Surface Design Association  
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Betsy Fram - textile collage


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